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Computers are very complex in nature, and continue to grow even further complex as time goes on.  With complexity comes more potential for computer problems to arise. That’s why we offer the best Houston computer repair services here in the beautiful Houston, Texas!  We want to share our expertise with our neighbors, and help them to keep their computers working and their personal data protected!

Texas Pro Computing offers a variety of computer repair services to customers here in Houston, Central Houston, South Houston  area as well. We understand that you don’t just need any Houston computer repair service, you want the best!  Any money you spend is an investment, and we want you to get the most out of it when you hire us! Education in the field of computers can branch out very wide,  so much in fact that there is likely no one alive that knows absolutely everything there is to know about them.  Computers come in various shapes and sizes, and that’s why our Houston computer repair service takes knowledge as a key point in our company. Every computer repair technician employed at Texas Pro Computing is certified, and very well educated in their specialized fields.  Collectively, we can tackle any computer problems that our customers might have guaranteed!

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Between software, hardware, viruses, networking, and more, there are so many potential computer repair problems out there that it would take a team of experts at least a week to list them all.  That’s why we’ve developed a team of computer service experts here at Texas Pro Computing that can take care of them all. If you’re having concerns with your computer, and are in need of computer repair in Houston then whisk your worries away by calling us at Texas Pro Computing today!

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         At Texas Pro Computing, we’ve developed a local Houston area computer service business that’s entirely mobile! We don’t have a store location for you to visit because we take our computer services a step further by coming to you!  The only thing we require is a simple phone call, and we’ll send a local Houston computer repair technician over to you as soon as possible.To keep this computer service ideal, our Houston computer repair technician brings with him everything he needs for the job.  Many people here rely on their computer or laptop either for their job or even just personal entertainment.  For that reason, we make sure that our computer service calls are answered quickly, and appropriately.  We won’t have to make multiple trips over to your house for the same problem.That is why choosing us as your local Houston computer repair company is the best decision you can make! 

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Don't panic if your computer isn't working. Texas Pro Computing offers a wide range of onsite computer repair services


We offer ON SITE REPAIR and will come to your home or business for repairs. We save you the headache and time of dealing with the problem yourself


Our trained technicians will repair your network and computer quickly & efficiently, keeping you informed all the way.


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We Care for Hardware Computer Problems

        There are computer problems out there that appear to be software bugs as a result of faults in your computer’s hardware.  The more common instance of this is a hard drive failure since your computer will still turn on, but your operating system will not start.  It’s an issue that our Houston computer repair technicians can fix only with a replacement hard drive, but can result in the loss of all of your data if the information on your old hard drive is unrecoverable. Other common hardware related computer repair problems out there are failing power supplies.  It’s said by most professionals in the laptop repair industry that a computer’s power supply should be replaced between every three, and five years depending on how often the computer is running.  Even if the quality of your computer’s power supply is good, the capacitors in it tend to lose their efficiency.  Eventually, our Houston computer repair technicians will find them inflated, or exploded inside of the power supply after it stops working.Similar to a car, not every computer part will fit into every computer.  That’s why even if you know which part is bad, it’s important you call Texas Pro Computing to help you with your computer repairs. We are ready to help you out and become your local Houston computer repair company.

Replacing a computer part can be very delicate and fragile work that is best left to your local Houston computer repair specialists.  Even static electricity from walking on your carpet can ruin a motherboard if neither you nor it is properly grounded while you’re working on it!As long as your computer is of a certain age, Texas Pro Computing is able to fix it.  Even though that’s the case, not all hardware related computer problems are worth fixing.  Replacing the motherboard in an older name-brand computer, for example, can typically cost more than it is worth over buying a new one. One of our Houston computer repair technicians will be able to help you determine the best plan of action for your specific situation. 

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At Texas Pro Computing our passion is everything involving computers and technology. We are your leading mobile computer repair company and pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge.  

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Many times there is nothing major wrong so no need for panicking. First thing first go check that your power cord is plugged in all the way in the wall outlet. If you are using a plug strip check to make sure that it is completely plugged into the wall, also go ahead and press the reset button most of the time these will get your computer back on and running. If no luck, it maybe your power supply, our agent will bring a power supply. And its much better news than replacing your motherboard. Call us and lets see whats going on. Texas Pro Computing 8327797147
Check to make sure that the power cord did not just come lose and cause the computer to turn off. If the cord is still intact in the wall go ahead and restart the computer to fix the crash, if this does not fix there may be many possible problems. Call us and lets go thru the steps together. Texas Pro Computing 8327797147
Having a black screen can be alarming but it usually is a quick fix by checking to see if the monitor is turned on (usually by checking to see if the color power light is on) and if it is on go ahead and move the mouse or press buttons on the keyboard because usually the screen is just frozen from inactivity. if its a laptop its a bit more complicated, we might ask you to do few things over the phone before we sent out our agent. Simply if a laptop running but no image on display, it maybe just your physical screen which we maybe able to switch it. You can always use external monitor for your laptop. Call us and lets pick the best option. Texas Pro Computing 8327797147
Bad people may be able to get the remote control of your computer and lock it, most of the time theres no way to get out of it. Try system restore first then call us, Our agents have experience and tools to get you going in no time. Texas Pro Computing 8327797147
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